High School Tour

High School Tour

The Tour will visit dozens of high school campuses starting February and throughout the school year in Southern California. At each campus visit, our team will showcase several customized vehicles with the latest aftermarket and high-tech products & gadgets. These vehicles capture attention and allow us to discuss the work and skills needed to customize the vehicles.

In addition, we enlighten teens about the various career opportunities in the Automotive Industry with short workshops, discussions, and demonstrations that cover areas such as mobile electronics, manufacturing, research & development, auto body, and more!

At every campus, thousands of teens have the opportunity to LOOK, TOUCH, HEAR, and SEE our tour vehicle and the products installed in them. This is a great opportunity to be exposed to thousands of teens in a captive environment that will be closer to driving or customizing their first vehicle!

This demographic are the trendsetters who help build brand credibility, influence parents, and provide word-of-mouth marketing.

The tour will take place during school hours and reach a captive audience allowing interaction with students.